Relativized Systemic & applications


Relativized Information Management overview

RIM core feature

RIM stands as a formal methodological framework to set up and organize dynamically collaborative processes aiming at either building up new knowledge or carrying out innovative Projects.

RS inherited features

RIM manage descriptions of psychic entity, based on the RS definition of anticipation and of its specializations. A psychic entity may consist in:

RIM specific features

In the industry, RIM may be regarded as a PLM environment fully customizable, endowed with the possibility to define as many points of view as deemed necessary depending on users’ profiles, while guaranteeing global consistency. Its application scope is wide open: organization and processes, definition and qualification of managed entities, configuration management, documentation management … RIM application is not restricted to this specific domain but it has been a starting point.

RIM formalism relies on RS to put as disposal:

A Project management environment is automatically generated out of the adopted RIM scheme and of the customized HMI.

Let’s stress that a RIM environment customized with the “RSE” profile, together with RSE IDE, form a comprehensive and consistent Project development environment to take full advantage of RS breakthrough.

RIM development encompasses:

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