Relativized Systemic & applications


Method of Relativized Conceptualization overview

Pr M Mugur-Schächter

The Method of Relativized Conceptualization (MRC) emerges from a long meditation on the very specific cognitive situation entailed by quantum physics. It expresses, in a classical logical way, the paradigms that Pr. Mugur-Schächter pinpointed underneath the mathematic formalism. It results in a relativized knowledge building process which eliminates, by construction, any false absolute or paradox surreptitiously introduced by our spontaneously absolutizing way of conceptualizing.

Core paradigm

As a starting point, the author states that all our actions stem from our thought, and that our thought is marked by the seal of the logical and probabilistic structures that are working inside our minds. If they work unknown, their influence, like that of recollections that are expelled out of consciousness, remains brute, ungoverned, sometimes stupid in the sense of inconsistency with the aim. Whereas if these structures are made explicit it become possible to dominate their action, to optimize it. We can then hope to bring all action to follow certain "geodesics" toward deliberately chosen aims. Such is the aim of MRC.

An insight

The hereafter contribution to the Debate on interpretations of the Quantum Mechanics, organized on October the 4th and the 5th by Dr. Matteo Ferensby, synthetizes the cognitive situation that Pr. M. Mugur-Schächter discerned underneath the mathematical formalism of Quantum Physics. It paves the way to a radical upheaval in our way of conceptualizing Reality and to innovate on this basis.

RS Synthesis